The Deploy Safe Story

Ilana commenced working on the problem of seat covers and vehicles with integrated side airbags in early 2007. Following extensive initial product development, tests were carried out by an Australian safety standards tester with international accreditation. The test results were positive and this encouraged the expansion of the Deploy Safe project.

Ilana Accessories approached a world recognised European testing authority which has been extensively involved in the testing of seat covers for seats with integrated side airbags. The accredited tester is one of the world's leading testing and certification organisations and is recognised and respected internationally and within Australia.

In October 2008 extensive tests with Ilanas Deploy Safe seat covers on integrated side airbags were conducted. Airbags were required to deploy properly and within millisecond tolerances. Tests were conducted within extreme tolerances from scorching temperatures to below freezing cold. Positive test results were achieved. To date numerous different types of tests have been conducted in Australia and Europe.

The team of 16 have been involved in the Deploy Safe project ranging from Australia, China, Japan and Europe.

Deploy Safe is now a major commitment by Ilana with yearly factory and manufacturing inspections by an internationally accredited testing and quality assurance company.

For your safety, extensive testing by accredited testing authorities has and will continue to be undertaken on all Deploy Safe seat covers.


Watch the below video to see our Deploy Safe seat covers being tested when an integrated side airbag deploys:


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