Fitting Instructions for Custom Made Front Bucket Seats

If your seat has an integrated/non-adjustable headrest start with 1. If your seat has separate/adjustable headrest start with 2.

  1. Place the seat cover over the back of the seat and pull down firmly, straightening the cover for a tight snug fit.
  2. Remove the headrest from the seat completely. Some headrests have a button located under the headrest. Push the button in and pull the headrest upwards to remove it. Other vehicles will have a pin that needs to be pushed out to allow the headrest to be removed. Fit the headrest cover over the headrest and fasten the fabric ties together. Do not refit the headrest to the seat just yet, keep on the side.
  3. Place the seat cover over the back of the seat and pull down firmly, straightening the cover for a tight snug fit. If your seat has any armrest, feed the armrest through the cutout provided on the seat cover.
  4. Push the centre ties through between the seat base and backrest so they can be tied underneath the seat. Where there is carpet on the back of the seat restricting access through the seat, push the ties through the corner of the seat back and base.
  5. Pull the base cover over the base of the seat and straighten to ensure a neat, snug fit.
  6. Run the ties on the outside of the seat cover base and tuck in behind the plastic side cover of the seat and bring it under the seat just above the seat rail.
  7. The seat cover is held in place by the ties. Fasten all ties to each other.
  8. Once the seat cover is fitted correctly, refit the headrest (if applicable) to the seat and push down so that the headrest retracts to its original position. If your seat has any armrest, place cover over armrest and fasten ties.


Correct initial fitting and securing of Deploy Safe seat cover on the vehicle is essential to guarantee the safety of the user.

Incorrect fitting can prevent the seat airbag from inflating correctly in the event of a collision.

When fitting Deploy Safe seat cover proceed as follows:

  • Seat covers have Deploy Safe seams on either the left or right hand side of the seat cover.
  • Ensure that the Airbag label on the seat cover is on the outside of the seat facing the door. Passenger seat cover must also be fitted the same way.
  • Driver and passenger seats must be mounted in the correct positions.
  • Seat covers that have slipped must be repositioned. If this is no longer possible because of advanced wear the cover must be removed and replaced.
  • Do not tamper with the opening side seam of the seat cover.
  • Regularly inspect seat covers for wear, damage and seat cover misalignment.
  • Adjust alignment if seat cover twists or moves from its original central aligned position.
  • If the side seam splits for any reason it CANNOT be repaired. Any attempt to re-sew the seam may interfere with the Integrated Side Airbag Deployment.
  • Discard seat cover after side airbag activation.
  • Airbag deployment must never be compromised by the incorrect fitting of car seat covers.

Deploy Safe Seat covers are designed to allow the side seams to split open upon deployment of an airbag as they are constructed using a computer controlled stitching process and a specialised thread. Deploy Safe seat covers are suitable for vehicles with or without integrated side airbags.

WARNING: Do not fit seat covers without side airbag allowance to seats with integrated side airbags.


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