Safety Information

Deploy Safe seat covers are  suitable for cars with integrated side airbags.

Before fitting please read below information.

  • Correct initial fitting and securing of this seat cover on your vehicle is essential to allow deployment of the seat airbag. Incorrect fitting can prevent the seat airbag from inflating correctly in the event of a collision.
  • All Deploy Safe seat covers with the exception of Custom Made seat covers have side opening seams on both the left and right hand side of the seat cover to allow fitting to either the driver or passenger seats. Custom Made seat covers have side opening seams on one side of the seat cover. There is an identifying tag on each seat cover. The driver and passenger seat cover must be fitted to the correct seats in the vehicle. You must fit the 'drivers' on drivers side and 'passenger' on the passenger side.
  • Driver and passenger seat covers must be fitted correctly with the Deploy Safe seam positioned over the airbag seam of the vehicles seats.
  • Seat covers that have slipped or moved must be repositioned. If this is no longer possible because of advanced wear the seat cover must be replaced.
  • Do not tamper with the opening side seam of the seat cover.
  • These seat covers are designed to allow the side seams to split open upon deployment of an airbag because they are constructed using a computer controlled stitching process and specialised thread.
  • If the side seam splits open for any reason it cannot be repaired. Any attempt to re-sew the seam may interfere with the standard integrated side airbag deployment.
  • Discard the seat covers after side airbag activation.


Deploy Safe car seat covers manufactured by Ilana have been tested by an approved testing authority in Australia and found not to adversely affect the performance of the manufacturers seat fitted side airbag and therefore the safety of the vehicles occupants will not be compromised, providing that the seat covers are fitted correctly and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, and that the seat covers have not been repaired or modified in any way.

As the manufacturers and sellers of this product have no control over the end use or the fitment to the vehicle, to the extent allowable by law, the manufacturers and sellers accept no responsibility or liability for any malfunction of the vehicle occupant safety systems including the seat mounted side impact airbag system as a direct or indirect result of the incorrect fitment or unauthorized repair or modification to this product.

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