Q: How does "Deploy Safe" work?
Q: Have Deploy Safe seat covers been tested? Are the seat covers guaranteed to deploy?
Q: Have Deploy Safe seat covers been tested on a car like mine?
Q: My car dealer tells me not to put seat covers on my car as they may interfere with side airbag deployment, what should I do?
Q: How long is the Deploy Safe guarantee valid?
Q: Will tampering with side seams void the warranty?
Q: How do you keep track of time/usage?
Q: Do I need to fill out the Deploy Safe purchase registration form and send it back to Ilana Accessories?
Q: Should I be concerned about fitting Deploy Safe seat covers on the correct side of the seat?
Q: Can I order Deploy Safe custom made seat covers in any fabric or sheepskin?
Q: Is a universal size 25/60 available in the Deploy Safe range?
Q: My car does not seem to be in your Tailor Made range. Can you make an Esteem or Outback Tailor Made Pack for my car?
Q: Can I purchase an Esteem or Outback Tailor Made pack in another fabric style?
Q: I want to buy a Tailor Made pack but I don't need the rear seat cover. Can I just buy the front seat covers?
Q: My car is brand new. Do you have a Tailor Made pack available for it yet?
Q: I’m looking at a picture of an earlier model of my car in your Tailor Made packs range, and I’m sure that the seats look the same as the ones in my latest model. Can I buy the Tailor Made pack for the earlier model and use it in my car?
Q: I need my seat covers urgently. How long will they take to be Custom Made?
Q: How can I be sure that the Custom Made seat covers that I buy will fit my car perfectly?
Q: My car is very old. Can you make car seat covers for my car?
Q: How do I know if I need a universal or custom made seat cover for my car?
Q: What’s the difference between Custom Made and Tailor Made seat covers?
Q: Will a universal size 25 or 30 fit my front seats?
Q: Can I wash or dry clean my seat covers?
Q: How do I resolve warranty issues?
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