Deploy Safe seat covers are constructed using a computerised controlled stitching process and a specialised thread that allows the side seams to split open upon deployment of an airbag.


For more information please refer to our Deploy Safe section on this website.

Yes, Deploy Safe has been tested by a world wide recognised automobile testing laboratory that is headquartered in Australia and Europe. Deploy Safe products have passed all their tests.

After extensively testing this new technology, Ilana is fully confident in its operation according to world standards. Quality and safety issues are very important to Ilana.

The testing was done on a "test group" that took into account different seat sizes, different mechanisms of integarted side airbags and different external factors such as weather, temperature etc. Deploy Safe was tested on an integrated side airbag mechanism very similar to the one in your car seat.

Ilana Accessories has tested these seat covers under special laboratory conditions and have been tested to conform within vehicle manufacturers standards for integrated side airbag deployment.

Deploy Safe seat covers provide no interference with the time required for deployment of side airbags according to vehicle manufacturers requirements. Deploy Safe seat covers are safe to use with integrated side airbags as long as they are fitted correctly.

Ilana gives the same time of guarantee of the operation for its Deploy Safe seat covers as on its normal range of seat covers being from 1 to 5 years depending on the seat cover product. Please check your packaging for guarantee details.

Yes, if the side seam splits for any reason it CANNOT be repaired. Any attempt to re-sew the seam may interfere with the integrated side airbag deployment. Discard the seat cover after any side airbag activation. Incorrect fitting can prevent the seat airbag from inflating correctly in the event of a collision.

Customers are asked to fill in a purchase registration form with details of their purchase and send it back to Ilana. The purchase registration form is included in every pack of Deploy Safe seat covers or the form can be filled in online on our website here.

The purchase registration records your integrated side airbag compatible seat covers. Your registration will be saved together with the production information of your individual seat covers. This data will be treated with the strictest confidence and we will keep them on file for up to 5 years.

No, the purchase registration form is not mandatory nor will it void any warranties. You do not have to fill it out and send it back to Ilana Accessories.

The Purchase Registration records that you have been using integrated side airbag compatible seat covers. The information is useful for you and for our records.

A universal size 25 Deploy Safe, 30 Deploy Safe and Tailor Made Deploy Safe packs have universal opening seams on BOTH sides of each seat cover. Each seat cover can be fitted on either driver or passenger seats.

However, Custom Made seat covers have universal opening seams on either left and/or right hand side of the seat cover only. Thus fitting can only be done according to the predetermined sides.

Yes, all our fabrics and sheepskin can be custom made using Deploy Safe Technology.
Yes, in 2014 we gradually started introducing size 25/60 in Deploy Safe across our fabric and sheepskin range. Please contact our customer service department to determine if it is available in the fabric or sheepskin you require.
No, the Esteem and Outback Tailor Made packs are manufactured overseas. Alternatively, we can custom make seat covers in Esteem or Outback for your vehicle, but as they are custom made in Australia they are charged at a different price. Please contact your nearest retailer to find out pricing.

You can, however it will be a custom made order. Our Tailor Made packs are only available in their designated material and colour.


If you want seat covers to suit your vehicle in another material or colour then it would need to be custom made.

Ilanas Tailor Made range of Esteem and Outback Canvas seat covers come in packs as sets of front/rear or front/middle/rear (depending on the car configuration) and unfortunately cannot be separated.

Ilanas Tailor Made packs are mass produced and as such we are always looking to release packs for the most popular makes and models available for sale in Australia.


Unfortunately, as there are many makes and models of cars released in Australia each year, we are unable to release a Tailor Made pack for each and every model.


Ilana concentrates on releasing Tailor Made packs for the most common vehicles to make our product available to a majority of the public.


To view the range and latest releases, please see the Tailor Made Packs range on our website.

Often when vehicle manufacturers upgrade models of vehicles the seats look quite similar to the previous model, but there can be slight changes to the dimensions of the seats, positioning of seat belts, positioning of headrests and armrests, etc.


So, while the seats may look similar our Tailor Made seat cover packs have been tailor made to suit the model listed on the packaging only.

Once we confirm we have the pattern and all the correct details for your vehicle, allow up to 10 working days for the seat covers to be manufactured.


If you need them in a hurry, we also have an Express Service for an additional cost, whereby the seat covers are made within 3 working days.

By providing Ilana with all the correct details such as the car make, model, month and year of manufacture and seat configuration of your vehicle we are able to correctly choose the right pattern for the seat covers to suit your vehicle.


The more accurate information we have about your vehicle ensures that your seat covers will be manufactured for a perfect fit.

Ilana has seat cover measurements and detailed patterns for most Australian vehicles dating back to 1967.


We are also able to measure your car seats by appointment at our office in Abbotsford, Victoria.


Providing we have the measurements for your vehicle, we are able to Custom Make seat covers to suit your car.


Contact our office on 03 9419 4228 to find out if we have the measurements for your car.


Ilanas universal size front or rear car seat covers are made to fit the majority of vehicles available in Australia today.


Our universal seat covers are designed with price in mind for a quick fit option.


Rear seats in today's late model vehicles are becoming increasingly complex, with split fold backrests, armrest, and cup holders.


If you are after a perfect fit, we recommend our Custom Made service, where we can custom make seat covers to suit your vehicle.

Tailor Made seat covers are mass produced to suit the most popular vehicles, but have been pre-made offshore. They are available "off the shelf" today.


Custom Made seat covers are not available "off the shelf" and need to be manufactured and made to order for your vehicle, taking up to 10 working days.

A universal size may fit your car depending on your front seats. However it will not fit as well as a custom made.
Yes, simply follow the washing instructions which can be found on the labels inside the seat covers, on the packaging or here.

Any problems with workmanship, wear & tear and fitting should be presented to your point of purchase. The retailer will then get in touch with Ilana about any issues.

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