Fitting Instructions for Custom Made Rear Seat or 3rd Row

  1. Remove the headrest (if applicable) from the seat completely. Some headrests have a button located under the headrest. Push the button in and pull the headrest upwards to remove it. Other vehicles will have a
    pin that needs to be pushed out to allow the headrest to be removed.
  2. Fit the headrest cover over the headrest and tie the ties together. Do not refit the headrest to the seat just yet, keep on the side.
  3. For the backrest, tilt any split section forward to enable the seat cover to be fitted to the backrest part of the seat.
  4. If no split section is present, tilt the entire backrest forward to enable easy fitting of the seat cover.
  5. Fit the seat cover over the back of the seat and pull down firmly, straightening the cover for a tight snug fit.
  6. Push the centre ties through between the seat cushion at the base of the seat back, so they can be tied on the other side. Where there is carpet on the back of the seat restricting access through the seat, push the ties through the corner of the seat back and base.
  7. Tie up all the ties under the seat backrest while the seat is tilted forward.
  8. Put the seat cover base over the base of the seat. Straighten to ensure a neat, snug fit.
  9. Run the ties on the outside of the seat cover base, positioning the ties so that they can be tied up under the seat base from the sides and from front to back.
  10. Once all ties are securely tied, fold the seat backrest back to its original position.
  11. If your vehicle has a centre armrest/centre console, fit the armrest cover over the armrest and tie the ties together.
  12. Once the seat cover is fitted correctly, refit the headrests (if applicable) into position and  push the headrests down to their full downward position.

WARNING: These seat covers are not suitable for vehicles where airbags are contained within the seat unless the seat covers have been specifically tailored for the vehicle using Deploy Safe technology. Do not fit seat covers without side airbag allowance to seats with integrated side airbags.

Note: Some rear seat or 3rd rows can be completely removed from a vehicle by removing the base of the rear seat by pulling upwards. Some pressure may be required. A clip under the seat on each side should release. The base can then be removed. Remove the backrest part of the seat by applying upward pressure from the bottom of the backrest and the seat will slide upwards, releasing itself from the clips that hold the backrest in place. The entire backrest will now be able to be removed.

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