Airbags and Seat Covers

Ilana has developed Deploy Safe to address the problems of the use of seat covers in vehicles with integrated side airbags.

Some of the problems include:

Seat covers over airbags

Some people may not know that they have a vehicle with integrated side airbags and have fitted a pair of conventional seat covers. Conventional seat covers cannot be fitted in vehicles with integrated side airbags as they prevent the deployment of the airbags which become trapped under the car seat cover. This could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Most seat cover manufacturers in Australia are now producing seat covers with a vertical slit in the side of the seat cover to allow the deployment of an integrated side airbag in the event of an accident. This solution has a number of problems.

No uniform airbag location

The positioning on the integrated side airbags within car seats varies between vehicle makes and models. Integrated side airbags may deploy from the top, middle or bottom of the side of a car seat. The location of the seat cover airbag side slit may not be suitable for some airbags and therefore may not deploy properly in an accident.

Incorrect seat cover fitment

Seat covers usually have one hole located on either the right or left hand side. If the seat cover is incorrectly fitted on the wrong side, the airbag will not deploy in an accident with possible disastrous consequences.

Seat cover movement

Over time the seat cover can move and rotate causing the slit in the seat cover and the airbag to align properly. In the eventuality of an accident the airbag may not deploy as designed.

Misunderstood instructions

Seat covers with side slits require that the advice, cautions and warnings on the packaging are fully read, understood and adhered to. This may not always occur. The instructions, terms and conditions are often difficult to understand. Incorrect or unsuitable fitting may cause the airbag not to deploy properly in the event of an accident.


The slit in seat covers required for the deployment of integrated side airbags can stretch and open up over time and is unsightly.


Ilana was determined to develop a seat cover which could be used in vehicles with integrated side airbags, which was safe to use regardless of where and how it was fitted, which looked great, was fully tested and approved by a licensed testing authority. Deploy Safe is the answer.

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