Is Your Car Safe?

The Victorian Government through its 'How Safe Is My Car' website is promoting the message that buying a safe car is one of the most important purchase decisions.

The website has been developed to provide car buyers with independent information about the safety of new and used cars on the Australian market.

Car buyers whether purchasing a new or used car are being encouraged to make safety a high priority and to do their homework when choosing a car.

The campaign is raising the awareness of a cars safety features and its star rating relative to other cars in the same class when choosing a car to buy.

The campaign urges that if the car being considered does not have ESC and curtain airbags it should be "crossed off the list."

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Recent Victorian Transport Accident Commission research indicates that safety is now the most important factor for consumers when choosing a car, influencing 66% of respondents.

Ilana strongly endorses this campaign.

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