Deploy Safe Registration for Tailor Made Packs

This purchase registration records your integrated side airbag compatible seat covers.

Your registration will be saved together with the production information of your individual seat covers.

This data will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Purchase registration is not mandatory nor will it void any warranties.

Safety Information

Correct initial fitting and securing of seat covers on the vehicle is essential to guarantee the safety of the user.

Incorrect fitting can prevent the side airbag from inflating correctly in the event of a collision.

When fitting the seat cover proceed as follows:

  • Seat covers have universal side opening seams on both left and right hand side of the seat cover to permit fitting on either driver or passenger seats.
  • Driver and passenger seat covers must be fitted in the correct position with the side seam of the cover placed over the side airbag of the car seats.
  • Driver and passenger seats must be mounted in the correct positions. These can be determined by the airbag labels on the seat cover.
  • Seat covers that have slipped must be repositioned. If this is no longer possible because of advanced wear, the cover must be removed and replaced.
  • Do not tamper with the Deploy Safe side seams of the seat cover.
  • Regularly inspect seat covers for wear, damage and seat cover misalignment.
  • Adjust alignment if seat cover twists or moves from its original central aligned position.
  • If the side seams split for any reason it CANNOT be repaired. Any attempt to re-sew the seam may interfere with the integrated side airbag deployment.
  • Discard seat cover after side airbag activation.
  • Side airbag deployment must never be compromised by the incorrect fitting of car seat covers.

Care Instructions

Wash separately on gentle cold cycle. Do not soak, bleach, wring or spin. Do not dry clean, do not iron.

For fitting instructions click here.

Tailor Made Packs Registration



e.g. (03) 9419 4228

e.g. (03) 9416 0317

e.g. Holden

e.g. Commodore

e.g. Sedan

e.g. VE SV6

e.g. 2010

Type in the registration code from the sticky label from both sides of the driver and passenger seat covers and place it in the correct box below.
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