Q: How does "Deploy Safe" work?
Q: Have Deploy Safe seat covers been tested? Are the seat covers guaranteed to deploy?
Q: Have Deploy Safe seat covers been tested on a car like mine?
Q: My car dealer tells me not to put seat covers on my car as they may interfere with side airbag deployment, what should I do?
Q: How long is the Deploy Safe guarantee valid?
Q: Will tampering with side seams void the warranty?
Q: How do you keep track of time/usage?
Q: Do I need to fill out the Deploy Safe purchase registration form and send it back to Ilana Accessories?
Q: Should I be concerned about fitting Deploy Safe seat covers on the correct side of the seat?
Q: Can I order Deploy Safe custom made seat covers in any fabric or sheepskin?
Q: Is a universal size 25/60 available in the Deploy Safe range?
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